The exhibition, ‘Soleil d’hiver” (sun and winter theme) began in January 2015 Galerie MP Tresart at Quebec, Canada. This exhibition continued for three months, from January 2015 till March 2015.

Mélanie Poirier, artist and director of the gallery said this is a great opportunity for art lovers and collectors to appreciate contemporary works of 23 global artists featured in this exhibition.melanie_galerie_mp_tresart_pankaj

Original and diversified, more than eighty paintings created from the sun and winter theme, combining several styles and techniques, are offered for sale at various prices.

Having a mission as involving international collaborations, the gallery proudly announces discovery of two French artists Sandrine Maia, and Sylvie Poinsot and established Indian artist and painter Pankaj Kumar Saxena accompanied by the poet Preeta Chandran.


In this event, Delhi-based Indian artist Pankaj Kumar Saxena’s fused-unfused series is displayed. Pankaj’s paintings are presented with Preeta Chandrans’s poetry in this exhibition.  In the past, painter Pankaj Kumar Saxena has teamed up with poet/writer Preeta Chandran to bring out a collection of verses and paintings inspired by nature, love and life. Compiled into a book titled ‘The Painted Verse’, this collection was launched in May 2013 in New Delhi.


The following artists from Quebec have also been featured: Céline Pellerin, Audrey Turcotte, Maria Tremblay, Danielle Gingras, Dorotka, Baudoin Wart, Richard Cordeau, Jacques Landry, Ghislaine Louis-Joseph, Luc Tessier, Elodie Verdier, Tzyg, Henri Martin-Laval .

The permanent artists of the gallery are also exhibiting their work: Diane Béland, Nikolina Okuka, Mélanie Poirier, Diane Lacombe, Pierre Lemay, Rebel and Catherine Blackburn.

Source: Mélanie Poirier, owner of Gallery mp tresart, 220 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville (Hwy 116), Durham-Sud, QC J0H 2C0. Phone: 819-858-2177, email:, Website: