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November 2016

From the HaikuWALL India Project

This beautiful composition has been taken from Kala Ramesh’s HaikuWALL India Project. Wall graffiti by Poornima Sukumar. Haiku by Kala Ramesh.


Like the kite (Fusion Painting and Poetry)

Like the Kite-Fusion Painting and Poetry (Pankaj Kumar Saxena, Preeta Chandran and Leelooart Marie Lauzon)

Like the Kite

Like the Kite,
My heart soars,
Into the skies,
Surging on,
With a fiery spirit,
Unabashed joy,
Freedom of flight,
Romance with the breeze,
Laughter with the birds,
Cruise with the clouds;

Strings tug hard,
The heart knows,
It can’t break free,
And fly away,
But like the Kite,
It dances with the wind,
And celebrates the moment.

– Preeta Chandran

Visual Poetry


Visual poetry is poetry with the characteristics of intermedia in which visual elements and non-representational language play a dominant role. Abstract patterns and elements of typography are widely used to create visual poetry. A variant is also picture poems, in which letters and words of the poem are visually arranged to form a concrete picture.

Here is a Wikipedia link to Visual Poetry:

While Visual Poetry of this kind is relatively modern, dating around the 1950s, varying forms of visual poetry date back to ancient cultures, such as Persia and Greece, in the form of Altar poetry. They didn’t appear again in the Western world until the 16th century, when English, French, and German Renaissance poets started writing and printing their poems to specific shapes and patterns. Some examples can be found at:



La fusion- Poetry Meets Painting

La fusion
The Ultimate Fusion – Poetry Meets Painting
Poet: Preeta Chandran Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena
All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi, INDIA

Poet: Preeta Chandran Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena

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