Art Meets Poetry (or Micropoetry!) in ‘The Portrait of a Verse’


Writer and poet Preeta Chandran has teamed up with artist Pankaj Rohilkhandvi to bring out a collection of micropoetry and sketches/paintings inspired by the beauty and power of nature, the various aspects of human emotions, and the numerous facets of life.

Compiled into a book, the ‘The Portrait of a Verse’ is being launched on December 25, at The India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, by Satyajeet Rajan, Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, and will be attended by several notable artists and writers.
The book launch will be followed by a painting exhibition showcasing the works of artist and painter Pankaj Rohilkhandvi. The exhibition will display a combination of works by young school students and the artist himself.

Noted author Keki N Daruwalla, who also wrote the ‘Foreword’ for the book, said that he has always been fascinated by jugalbandi (fusion) of different art forms, be they music, literature or any other forms of art, and that the micropoetry and the paintings complemented each other in the book.
This is the second book by the poet-painter duo. Their first book, ‘The Painted Verse’, was a collection of poetry and painting. When asked what prompted her to move from poetry to micropoetry, Preeta said, “I still write poetry; I haven’t given up doing that. But I had always found micropoetry very fascinating. It is so powerful; just a few lines conveying the deepest of emotions, depicting life. I never thought though that I could myself write something so short and yet so impactful. Then, around two years back, I participated in the Hindustan Times Brunch Haiku Contest and some of my micro poems became winning entries. Then it became almost an addiction; I started penning down my thoughts in short verses almost every day.”

The paintings in the book are also a deviation from the style in the previous book. This is what the artist Pankaj had to say about it, “After realistic paintings, I moved to a style that I call fused-unfused. It is realistic, yet has a touch of the abstract, but the soul of the artwork is lifelike.”

The entire event is part of a 3-day programme, Expressions ’17, organised by NGO Empowerment and Academy of Art and Craft, New Delhi, and conceptualised and curated by artist Kumar Vikas Saxena.